What is it? Answers CXVI

Thursday, May 11, 2006

660. Draftman's electric eraser

661. Three-piece block puzzle, designed by Stewart Coffin. I made this puzzle from the diagram on the first link with cubes purchased at the craft store. I was planning to link to the solution, but since that site is no longer working I've decided to post it here. Though there are only three pieces, this puzzle is surprisingly difficult. It would be even harder to solve if you made it without seeing the answer first, because a couple of the blocks fit between two others, and since the wood pieces are not perfect cubes, if you use the wrong orientation for some of them, they will not fit properly. If anyone decides to make this puzzle, I recommend making the third piece (the one with four cubes) first, then the middle piece, and lastly dry fitting the cubes of the first piece before gluing. I had to remake one of the pieces in order to get it to work.

Top view:

662. Rook chess piece

663. Barbed wire fence stretcher

Painted Post, New York

664. Tool check token, or tool chit, used as part of a tool control program. To trace the whereabouts of each tool, when an employee requisitioned a tool from the shop he would have to give a token, when the tool was returned he got his tag back.

The last two lines are abbreviations for Cincinnati Milling Machine Company (now Cincinnati Milacron), and Wilmington, Ohio.

665. Mercury Marine boat pliers for bending locking tabs that secure the propeller nut.

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